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To apply for a loan, participants who have had an open account for a minimum of 90 days may obtain a loan application from the Credit Union office during regular Credit Union hours. It is required that you have at least 20% of the loan amount in your shares, and 20% of your loan balance will be frozen in your account until the loan is paid off. (Example: you must have $20.00 in shares forevery $100 you borrow.)

Credit Committee

At this time, loans are repaid with interest computed monthly at the rate of seven percent (7%) of the outstanding balance. The maximum loan permitted at this time is $10,000. Loan terms or pay off periods range from six (6) to 60 months (5 years). Repayment of the loan is based on the amount borrowed and your financial ability to make regular monthly payments.

All loan applications should be completed and submitted to the Credit Committee along two current consecutive pay stubs and your photo identification. A credit officer will request and review your credit report, after which a debt ratio will be calculated to establish your ability to repay the loan. All loan information is kept in strict confidence, and records are maintained in a secure file.

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